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The United States is accountable for 60% of the worldwide investment in lab-grown meat

A recent report has assessed the investment rankings of different countries in the advancement of lab-grown meat. The report by GovGrant suggests that lab-grown meat is expected to make up approximately 25% of all meat consumption by 2035, following the approval of cultured meat by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lab-grown meat is [...]

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The Prime Minister of Japan intends to establish a cultivated meat sector

Japan's Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, has announced plans to support the development of a cultivated meat industry in the country. He believes that foodtech, including cellular foods, is important in achieving a sustainable food supply. The Prime Minister has pledged to create a new market and support the establishment of labelling rules and safety [...]

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The world’s first cultivated steak has been created by scientists.

A UK-based company has produced what they claim to be the first-ever cultivated steak fillet made using pork cells. A UK-based company called 3D Bio-Tissues has produced what they claim to be the world's first cultivated steak fillet made entirely from pork cells. The fillet reportedly measures nine cm in width, four cm [...]

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Cultivated meat could become available in US dining establishments in 2023

Get ready for a culinary revolution. The future of meat is here, and it's set to make its grand debut on the menus of some of the most renowned restaurants in the United States. Read More on The Animal Reader Some restaurants in the United States may serve lab-grown meat as early as this [...]

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Pro. Steve Oh Scientific Advisor – Smart MCs

We are thrilled to welcome Prof. Steve Oh as our Scientific Advisor. With his extensive knowledge and experience in stem cell bioprocessing, including microcarrier cultures, bioreactor expansion, hESC cultures on engineered surfaces, differentiation of hESC-derived cardiomyocytes, and imaging and monitoring of pluripotent stem cells, Steve brings a wealth of expertise to our team. [...]

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Steakholder Foods® Receives Grant of up to $1M for Collaboration with Umami Meats to 3D Bio-Print Structured Cultivated Fish Products

The company's collaborative initiative with its 3D bio-printer is a significant step forward in the company's commercialization strategy for 2023. Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH), an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultivated meat industry, has received its first grant to develop 3D-printed structured eel and grouper products with Singaporean cultivated [...]

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World’s biggest cultivated Meat factory is being built in US

Read More on North Carolina Department of Commerce: Israeli cultured meat outfit Believer Meats, known formerly as Future Meat, is looking to play a pivotal role in the availability of lab-grown meat products, and a new facility under construction in the US should help these efforts along. The company says it has broken [...]

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American Chefs are betting on Cultivated Meat

It is fascinating to see chef's maybe serving meat alternative to diners in under two years. Read more on SuperMeat Website: American chefs are betting on Cultivated Meat as the Holy Grail of Meat Alternatives. With meat alternatives on the rise, chefs eagerly await cultivated meat as a greener, healthier, and more sustainable [...]

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Jennifer Stojkovic’s experience at the historic GOOD Meat Cultivated Meat Testing at COP27

It is Interesting to hear about Jennifer Stojkovic's experience at the historic GOOD Meat Cultivated Meat testing at COP27. She is the founder of Vegan Women Summit, the author of The Future of Food is Female, and General Partner of Joyful Ventures. Read More on Vegconomist website: Jennifer Stojkovic is the founder of Vegan [...]

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