Smart Biomaterials & µ-Solutions

Elevating your Bioproduction with Sophisticated Microcarriers, Hydrogels and µFluidic Solutions

  • X1-Microcarrier , Smart MCs, Edible and Customisable
  • Elongated Muscle cells ( Myoblast )on X1-Microcarrier
  • X1-Microcarrier, Smart MCs

About Us

At Smart MCs, we’re reinventing the landscape of bioproduction and scientific inquiry by specialising in bespoke biomaterials and microfluidic solutions. Our focus is on crafting application-tailored solutions, moving away from generic, one-size-fits-all answers to complex biological challenges. Our Smart product suite is categorised into three core domains: Microcarriers, Hydrogels, and Microfluidic Solutions, each designed to streamline both research and production processes. We enable scientists and industry innovators to accelerate their work and bring revolutionary applications to market, all while minimising waste and environmental impact. Rooted in values of sustainability and groundbreaking innovation, we’re driving advancements in emergent sectors like stem cell therapeutics, cultured meat, and beyond. View our Products & News page to learn more about our journey and solutions.

Core Technologies

Smart MCs Provides customised, xeno-free and edible microcarriers tailored to specific cell types and applications. Our microcarriers enable efficient and streamlined cell culture while minimising cell loss, resulting in cost-effective and high-yield expansion of cells.

Smart MCs delivers fully defined, xeno-free Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels, customisable for diverse applications like tissue modeling, spheroid generation, and wound healing. Engineered for precision and versatility, our hydrogels optimise cell growth, offering a controlled, reproducible solution for advanced biomedical applications.

Smart MCs specialises in offering dedicated microfluidic solutions suitable for a wide array of applications, including Cell Sorting, Droplet Generation, Liquid Fractionation, Scratch Assays, and Micro- and Nano-Wells. Tailored to meet various downstream needs, our microfluidic platforms streamline complex processes.

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