Fully Defined Hydrogels

The use of animal-derived hydrogels in bioproduction and research has long been fraught with challenges that compromise both reproducibility and customisability. The inherent variability of these biological materials can introduce unpredictable factors, thereby undermining the consistency and reliability of your experimental or production outcomes. Moreover, traditional animal-derived hydrogels often necessitate complex crosslinking methods, making them cumbersome to use and adding another layer of potential variability. At Smart MCs, we’ve recognised these challenges and developed a targeted solution: our fully defined, xeno-free, and customisable hydrogels. Crafted to meet the specific needs of the biomedical sector, our hydrogels remove the unpredictability and complexity associated with animal-derived materials. They offer a straightforward, adaptable medium that doesn’t require complicated crosslinking, allowing you to focus on the science rather than the substrate. This not only enhances the quality of your work but also streamlines your workflow, making your research or bioproduction more efficient and reliable.

Core Product Features

Xeno-Free: Our hydrogels are manufactured with an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency, featuring 100% animal-free biopolymers. The recipe is fully defined and meticulously controlled to ensure each batch meets the highest standards. This xeno-free formulation eliminates the risk of contaminants and variables introduced by animal-derived materials, allowing you to achieve completely consistent results every time.

Temperature Stability: One of the standout features of our hydrogels is their remarkable temperature stability. These hydrogels are engineered to remain stable at room temperature, obviating the need for controlled temperature environments like ice baths or refrigeration. This temperature resilience makes them exceptionally convenient for shipping and ensures you receive a ready-to-use product. Moreover, their stability extends to the culture phase, providing a dependable matrix for your cell growth experiments.

1-Step Operation: Say goodbye to the cumbersome and error-prone methods associated with traditional hydrogels that require complex cross-linking procedures. Our hydrogels are designed for hassle-free, one-step operation. Simply introduce your cells into the hydrogel and inject it into your device or well. Gelation occurs autonomously, solidifying within just 10 minutes at room temperature, without the need for any additional chemicals.

Customisability: Our hydrogels offer unprecedented flexibility in customising both physical and chemical properties to meet your specific research needs. Whether you require varying degrees of stiffness, distinct porosities, specific cell attachment motifs, or tailored growth factors, our hydrogels can be tuned to your specifications. This adaptability opens up a world of possibilities for innovative research and bioproduction applications.

Simple Cell Release: Traditional methods of cell harvesting often require the use of enzymes or other disruptive processes that may harm the cells. At Smart MCs, we’ve engineered our hydrogels with your convenience and the cell’s integrity in mind. Our hydrogels feature a straightforward cell release mechanism that eliminates the need for enzymes. Simply add our cell harvesting reagent to the hydrogel to initiate gel liquefaction. This ensures a quick, hassle-free release of cells without compromising their viability. With our hydrogels, you gain both efficiency and cellular integrity, streamlining your workflow and accelerating your research or production processes.

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