µFluidic Solutions

At Smart MCs, our interdisciplinary team boasts a wealth of expertise in the cutting-edge fields of design, fabrication, and operation of microfluidic devices, specialising in a wide range of applications tailored to meet the intricate demands of modern biomedical research and industry. Microfluidics is not merely a buzzword; it’s a game-changing technology that has revolutionised the way we manipulate and control minute volumes of liquids. The platform’s exceptional capabilities include the ability to mix fluids more efficiently, drastically lower the limits of detection, and significantly reduce the quantity of costly reagents needed, thus accelerating the pace of both research and production in the biomedical sector.

Understanding the diverse challenges faced by researchers and professionals alike, we offer an extensive array of options, featuring both off-the-shelf products and bespoke microfluidic solutions. Our comprehensive product line has been carefully developed to address a multitude of applications. This includes, but is not limited to, cell sorting, micro-mixing, liquid fractionation, droplet generation, as well as innovative techniques like organ-on-a-chip experiments, cell patterning, and single-cell analysis. With Smart MCs as your go-to partner, you’re not just gaining products; you’re unlocking a new realm of precision, efficiency, and possibility for your biomedical endeavours.

Core Products

Cell Sorting: Inertial microfluidics offers a unique ability to passively sort cells based on cell size, density and deformability in a high throughput, shear-free and label-free manner. This is particularly critical when it comes to sorting cells from various biological specimens such as blood, lymph liquid, saliva, urine and sperm. Downstream applications of inertial microfluidic are broad from sorting bacteria, circulating tumour cells, epithelial cells, all the way to plasma fractionation. Smart MCs provides a versatile range of devices tailored for these highly specialised applications.

Smart Tubes: Smart Tube is a proprietary microfluidic solution from Smart MCs for effortless droplet generation without relying on microfluidic expertise and equipment such as microscope and pumps. The device is a simple cartridge inside a falcon tube where you load your sample and centrifuge the tube to achieve your droplet generation. This unique droplet generation approach can cater for a lot of applications including single cell analysis, biomaterial synthesis, cell culture, cell encapsulation in hydrogels, metabolic analysis, digital PCR/LAMP and so on. Smart MCs offers a portfolio of Smart Tubes to suit a variety of these needs.

Droplet Microfluidics: Droplet microfluidics has attracted a huge interest in research and industrial settings. At Smart MCs we can provide you different droplet microfluidic devices to suit your downstream applications. Droplet microfluidics allows for precise manipulation of liquid volumes, with potential applications in fields like high-throughput screening, directed evolution, and even digital PCR. Smart MCs provides a comprehensive range of devices for all your droplet-based applications.

Micro/Nano-Wells: Liquid fractionation into tiny partitions from nano-picolitre droplets has been an important tool for studying biological samples at single cell level. Micro/nano-wells can provide an easy approach for various studies including spheroid generation, single cell analysis, cell enumeration and so on. Smart MCs offers a diverse set of micro/nano-well devices, tailored for these intricate studies.

Scratch Assays: Cell Patterning and Co-culture of cell types for scratch assay studies remain a challenging task in the laboratories. Smarty MCs provides unique solutions where you can simplify your experimental workflow without relying on manual processes that are prone to error and inconsistencies. Different patterns can be also provided based on the downstream applications. Smart MCs offers custom solutions to meet your scratch assay requirements.

Microfabrication: Microfluidics is a diverse sector, and each application often requires a unique design and device fabrication. Understanding that, at Smart MCs, we can provide our design and fabrication expertise to fulfill your needs without the need for costly and time-consuming processes. Whether you require a device for cell sorting, droplet generation, or any other specialised application, Smart MCs offers a robust portfolio of custom and pre-designed microfabrication solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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