Sydney’s biomaterials leader, Smart MCs PTY LTD, was selected fora notable grant from Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) to explore the potential of novel microcarriers in scaling up the production of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) for clinical use. This project is a collaborative effort with the team of Dr. Zlatibor Velickovic at Cell & Tissue Therapies WA, Royal Perth Hospital, setting the stage for a major advancement in regenerative medicine.

Smart MCs is a Sydney based and leading biomaterial company, specialising in manufacturing microcarriers with smart and novel features that streamlines large-scale production of cells in the laboratory settings.

Microcarriers are tiny beads that provide a surface for cells to attach to, grow, and divide, making them an essential tool for bioprocessing companies working to develop innovative therapies and vaccines. Smart MCs has seen a surge in demand for their microcarriers from over dozens of customers, highlighting the critical need for an efficient and automated production process.

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) is an NCRIS lead agent that supports and facilitates researcher and SME access to a diverse range of Australian translational medical research capabilities. In response to stakeholder consultation, TIA introduced this support grant for Technical Feasibility Assessments (TFAs) for Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) research projects.

This support enables Smart MCs to draw upon Dr. Zlatibor’s extensive clinical experience, testing the effectiveness of their microcarriers in real therapeutic applications. For further details about Smart MCs and their breakthrough microcarrier technology, please visit their website at or reach out via email at