We are thrilled to share exciting news at Smart MCs! A pioneering partnership has been forged with Macquarie University, focusing on the development of an AI-based predictive model for the reliability assessment of microcarriers. This collaborative project is part of a pilot research initiative, generously funded by both Smart MCs and Macquarie University under the Enterprise Partnerships Scheme.

Our partnership will bring together the brilliant minds of Prof. Rouzbeh Abbasi, Prof. Mohsen Asadnia, and Prof. Amin Beheshti, who are renowned machine learning experts at Macquarie University. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of biopolymer research and its implications on cellular behavior.

This one-year project not only supports a postdoctoral researcher but also covers operational costs to pioneer new methodologies in biotechnology. Our goal is to harness cutting-edge machine learning models to streamline the R&D processes, ultimately reducing the time to market for vital biomaterials used in various biological and clinical applications.

This grant marks a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and excellence. It paves the way for future government and industry-university linkage grants, which will further enhance our research capabilities.

Stay tuned to Smart MCs for more updates on this and other developments as we continue to lead the way in biomaterial innovation.