Cultivated Chicken will be served!

For the first time lab-grown meat will be served over United Nations’ Climate Change conference in Egypt. EAT JUST will be providing two cultivated chicken meals. “We hope our guests at COP27 find their cultivated chicken meals both delicious and thought-provoking and they leave the summit with a new appreciation for the role food innovation can play in combating the global climate crisis,” Josh Tetrick, the CEO and co-founder of Eat Just, said in a statement sent to Green Matters.

According to Green Matters, The GOOD Meat cultivated chicken will only be available on Saturday, Nov. 12 through Monday, Nov. 14 at invite-only COP27 events for guests including members of the media, heads of state, and delegates from around the world. Read More Here.

Image Sources: Green Matter, EAT JUST and GETTY IMAGES