Microcarrier-Based Bioreactors Found to Offer More Efficient and Scalable Solution for Stem Cell Production

Leading scientists have outlined the benefits of Microcarriers in the process of cell-therapy applications compared to traditional planar cultures. When undertaking larger-scale production their adoption has seen to provide improved benefits in production and overall efficiency.

An article published by GEN interviewed leading experts in the fields of cell-culture processing, who advocated the various benefits of their usage in bioprocessing applications. See Original Article. Dr Ang-Chen Tsai, PhD, a senior scientist at WuXi Advanced Therapies and Dr Christina Pacak PhD, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical School advocates the usage of microcarriers being more efficient and measurable for scaled production in cell culture.

Dr Christina Pacak argues, “Microcarrier-based bioreactors provide a more profitable approach to manufacturing, human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) for cell-therapy applications”. Converted to larger scale production and corporate level expenditure, this presents as highly beneficial. “When maintained in suspension using bioreactor agitation, the cells growing upon microcarriers are exposed to a consistent, homogeneous, and more controllable nutrition and oxygen supply.”

Dr Tsai explains the “hMSCs secrete high amounts of extracellular matrix, which enhances their adhesion on microcarriers.” Notably, hMSCs are highly responsive to their microenvironment, the use of microcarrier-based bioreactors enables the provision of a homogeneous and well-blended culture environment for the cells, in addition to accurate regulation of temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels. Tsai says “This consistency is important to prevent hMSC differentiation during expansion”.

When asked about bioprocessing on a commercial level, Dr Pacak justifies its simplicity, “bioreactors are already commonly used for cell production in upstream processes, but the challenge lies in the combined use of microcarriers in bioreactors due to cell adhesion and detachment methodologies, and this is surmountable. ”Ang-Chen Tsai and Christina Pacak were both originally interviewed by Mike May PhD from GEN.

The demand for increased production of stem cells to cell-based therapies holds a strong outlook with utilisation of the microcarrier method. Such technologies outline a definitive approach for the biotech industry.

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Original article: May. M, (2022) Microcarrier-Based Bioreactors Can Make More Stem Cells, GEN- Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.