Cell Harvester: Dewatering Unit

Our device is engineered to transcend traditional cell processing, offering a label-free, high-throughput solution for a myriad of applications. It’s perfect for integrating with perfusion bioreactor systems, dramatically simplifying the cell harvesting process. Additionally, it serves as an essential tool for reducing sample volumes, facilitating easier and less stressful centrifugation. Beyond these applications, it offers a passive approach that allows for the effortless exchange of media in ongoing cultures, ensuring cells remain nourished without interruption. This device is the key to efficient, gentle, and continuous cell processing.

  • High Throughput Cell Recovery & Dewatering Unit

  • Shear Free Operation Preserving Cell Viability and Functionality

  • Low Cost & Rapid Reduction of Your Liquid Working Volume




Our state-of-the-art cell processing device stands at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, delivering unparalleled efficiency in the separation and recovery of cells from culture media. This label-free system operates on the cutting edge of inertial microfluidics, a technique that leverages the inertial forces within specially designed spiral microchannels to sort and segregate cells based on their biophysical properties. As cells travel through the device’s intricate pathway, viable cells are gently coaxed to one side of the channel, effectively isolating them from undesired components such as dead cells, debris, and excess liquid.

The beauty of this system lies in its ability to achieve a high-throughput harvest without subjecting cells to the damaging shear forces commonly associated with traditional centrifugation methods. This shear-free environment is crucial for preserving the delicate structure and functionality of the cells, ensuring that they remain viable and intact for further analysis, culture, or therapeutic use.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with large-scale bioreactor setups, our device facilitates a smooth transition from cell growth to harvest. The process not only supports the re-feeding of fresh media into the bioreactor but also concurrently collects waste media, optimizing the overall workflow. With a keen focus on efficiency and cell viability, our device is an essential tool for researchers and clinicians who demand the highest quality in cell processing, whether for advanced research applications or clinical diagnostics. It exemplifies our commitment to advancing cell biology research and therapeutic development by providing a system that is not only highly efficient but also exceptionally gentle and user-friendly.


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Label-free sorting of cells in perfusion bioreactor systemsm,
Volume reduction of samples for simplified centrifugation.
Shear-free cell concentration for enhanced viability in downstream processing.
Passive media replacement for prolonged cell culture maintenance.
Efficient harvesting in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
Gentle cell isolation suitable for sensitive cell lines or primary cells. Streamlined sample preparation for high-throughput screening.
Automated cell washing for immunology or cell therapy applications.
Continuous cell processing in monoclonal antibody production.

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Upon Request: Autoclave & Gamma Irradiation

Cell Size Separation

Cell Sizes Above 5-7Micron

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