Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) represent a cornerstone in regenerative medicine and biotechnological research. These versatile cells are generated from somatic cells and can differentiate into nearly any cell type, making them invaluable for applications such as disease modeling, drug testing, and potentially, organ regeneration. Recognizing their potential, the European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) has catalogued numerous iPSC lines for use in biomedicine, streamlining both quality control and accessibility.

However, a significant challenge in harnessing the full potential of iPSCs lies in the ability to produce them on a large scale while maintaining high quality. To address this, scientists in Europe have pioneered a method that significantly advances the scalable production of iPSCs using 3D suspension cultures facilitated by microcarrier technology. These microcarriers are critical because they provide a large surface area for cell growth while allowing easy scalability in bioreactors. This approach not only increases the yield of iPSCs but also optimizes the use of space and resources within laboratory settings.

The recent publication details successful protocols developed for the expansion and differentiation of iPSCs into cardiac, neural, and hepatic cells using a standardized bioreactor system. This system allows for the growth of iPSCs in three-dimensional formats, which has been shown to facilitate the maturation and differentiation processes, achieving up to a tenfold increase in cell production compared to traditional methods. Such scalability and efficiency in producing diverse cell types are crucial for applications like toxicity screening and compound testing, where large quantities of specialized cells are required.

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