Curious about elevating your cell culture game?

Explore the advantages of microcarriers and adherent cell cultures versus traditional suspension cultures. Ready to redefine your bioprocess development strategy?

In the latest episode, Dr. David Brühlmann invited Smart MCs’ CEO, Dr. Payar Radfar, to explore the world of adherent cell cultures.

Smart MCs specializes in customized biomaterials and microfluidic solutions. Payar shares his unique journey in the biotech industry, driven by his passion for improving people’s health.

Key Takeaways:

1. Revolutionizing Bioprocessing: Payar discusses the challenges scientists face when transitioning from lab-scale to industrial-scale production. He emphasizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and envisions his company playing a crucial role in simplifying and enhancing bioprocessing technologies.

2. Cost Challenges in Cellular Therapies: Payar addresses the high costs associated with cellular therapies and explores the barriers to wider distribution. He highlights the role of competition and regulations in reducing costs and increasing accessibility to these therapies.

3. The Power of Microcarriers: The technical discussion focuses on microcarriers and their vital role in adherent cell cultures. Payar explains how these microscopic spheres enable efficient scaling up of cell production in bioreactors, offering a glimpse into the future of bioprocessing.

Are you curious about the transformative potential of microcarriers and the future of bioprocessing?

Join us in this insightful conversation with Payar Radfar as we uncover the secrets behind scaling up adherent cell cultures and their profound impact on the biotech industry.

Don’t miss this episode for a comprehensive guide to smarter and more efficient bioprocessing!

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