Following an invigorating and insightful event, Smart MCs has returned from the 2023 International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) Conference, held in Paris, France. With the aim to collaborate among industry leaders, discover new innovations in the field of life sciences, and explore new business opportunities for the company, this event proved to be highly fruitful for developing new possibilities in the field of biotechnology.

The annual ISCT conference was held over 5 days from May 30th to June 3rd, featuring industry leaders, experts and visionaries from around the world. It delved into critical subjects surrounding the industry of cell and gene therapy, spanning the entire spectrum of translational research, clinical trials, regulatory approvals, commercialisation, and improving patient access. The selection of topics was thoughtfully curated to specifically tackle the most significant impediments encountered in the development of cell and gene therapies.

While there, our team comprising of our CEO Payar, along with Majid and Steve participated in various forum sessions, made significant contributions and fundamentally got the chance to showcase our unique customised microcarriers at our exhibition booth. This garnered considerable attention and enthusiasm from potential partners and clients. “We were overwhelmed by the sheer interest in our microcarriers, the people we talked with were particularly compelled by their xeno-free and biodegradable qualities.” – CEO, Payar Radfar. Through engaging discussions and collaborations, our team forged strategic alliances and explored new avenues for growth, leaving the conference with promising leads and new potential business opportunities.

The conference provided a platform to showcase our expertise, learn from industry leaders, and establish meaningful connections. The event was a tremendous opportunity to convene as a cohesive team; an opportunity to collectively brainstorm for future pivotal company endeavours. Armed with fresh insights and a strengthened network, our team is excited to implement the lessons learned and leverage the conference’s outcomes.

In case you missed us there or have any general enquiries, feel free to contact us through our home page.