We are excited to announce Smart MCs will be exhibiting at the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) 2023 Global Conference in Paris, France. Visit their website here to learn more.

While there, we will be showcasing our research in the field of biotechnology and showcasing our microcarrier products to other industry leaders.

“The ISCT Annual Meeting is the largest global forum connecting cell and gene therapy translation professionals to educate, inspire, network and collaborate.” – ISCT

If you are attending this event, you’ll find us at exhibition booth #218 or Poster #874. Alternatively, Drop us an email to arrange a meeting on info@smartmcs.com.au


Large-scale culture of adherent cells remains a major industrial challenge in the cell therapy industry. Stirred bioreactors in combination with microcarriers have been established as a promising scalable approach for cultivation of adherent cells. However, commercially available microcarriers struggle with 3 major drawbacks:

1) The non-biocompatibility of some microcarriers raises concerns about the potential risk of residuals/particulates in clinical applications;

2) The removal of microcarriers during harvesting from cell suspension leads to significant cell loss;

3) The limited physical and chemical customizability of microcarriers hinders efficient culture of various cell types and species.

We report the first demonstration of novel biocompatible and degradable microcarriers with tuneable physical and chemical properties for the use in the cell therapy industry with a dual-purposed of cell culture and injectable scaffold.