Hydrogel Screening Kit

Explore the versatility of hydrogels with the Hydrogel Screening Kit by Smart MCs, designed to offer researchers a comprehensive set of hydrogel formulations for varied applications. This kit includes small samples of GelMA, AlgMA, SilkMA, and HAMA—perfect for conducting multiple tests and optimizing your research outcomes.


Custom modifications to the gel can be provided upon request, including high porosity GelMA, fluorescent GelMA, peptide, or other hydrogel combinations.

  • Light-Based Cross-Linking: Optimal control for precision experiments.

  • Well-Established Hydrogel Types: Reliable and widely used materials in bioengineering.

  • Tuneable Stiffness, Size, and Surface Charge: Adapt your hydrogel properties to fit specific research needs.




The Hydrogel Screening Kit from Smart MCs offers a pioneering approach to biochemical experimentation, specifically tailored for researchers looking to streamline their studies and enhance outcome reliability. This comprehensive kit includes a variety of hydrogel samples: GelMA, AlgMA, SilkMA, and HAMA. Each type is provided in small quantities sufficient for multiple tests, allowing for extensive application testing without the need for large-scale purchases.

Smart MCs leverages a team of expert biochemists to deliver not only high-quality hydrogels but also customized solutions that are adapted to the unique needs of each researcher. This personalized approach helps in reducing experimental turnaround times, lowering costs, and improving the overall results of research projects.

Our Hydrogel Screening Kit is especially designed for adaptability in laboratory settings. The included hydrogels can be customized for increased porosity, fluorescence, or infused with peptides, depending on the specific requirements of your project. Whether you need to adjust the stiffness, size, or surface charge of the hydrogels, our kit provides all the necessary tools to ensure precise and effective experimentation.

Your Application, Our Commitment: At Smart MCs, we understand the importance of every research application and are committed to providing the perfect hydrogel solution tailored to your needs. Advancing your research and production is not just a goal—it’s a guarantee. Reach out today for a personalized quote and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation with our Hydrogel Screening Kit.

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Cell Culture, 3D Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering etc.

Matrix Composition

GelMA, AlgMA, SilkMA, and HAMA

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Research Use Only

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