Micron-Particle Sorting

Harnessing the precision of inertial microfluidics, we provide a suite of devices tailored for the size-based separation of particles ranging from 3 to over 100 microns. Our technology stands out for its ability to purify biological samples efficiently in a shear-free and high-throughput manner, making it an essential tool for both fundamental research and custom workflow integration.

  • High Throughput Purification of Biological Samples

  • Shear Free Operation Preserving Cell/Pathogen Viability and Functionality

  • Low Cost & Rapid Process




In the realm of biological sample purification, inertial microfluidics represents a transformative approach that has recently seen a surge in application. It offers an unparalleled ability to separate particles by size, specifically those in the micron range. Our company is at the forefront of this technology, offering a spectrum of devices that cater to a wide array of particle sizes, from the delicate precision needed for 3-micron particles to the robust capability required for sorting particles over 100 microns.

Our inertial sorting devices are not only capable of refining fundamental biological studies with their high-throughput and shear-free sorting but also provide the flexibility to be integrated into customized gadgets tailored to unique laboratory workflows. This versatility ensures that our clients have access to a sophisticated yet straightforward tool that can adapt to the evolving demands of scientific research and practical application. Whether it’s for intricate cellular analysis, drug discovery, or the development of novel diagnostic tools, our inertial microfluidics devices are engineered to elevate your research to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.


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Parasite isolation from clinical samples for diagnostic and research purposes.
Purification of bacterial cultures by size differentiation.
Removal of debris and larger particles from biological fluids.
High-throughput cell sorting in immunology and cancer research.
Separation of specific cell subpopulations from mixed cellular samples.
Processing environmental samples for microorganism analysis.
Enrichment of rare cells from blood or tissue samples for genomics and proteomics.
Streamlined sample prep for next-generation sequencing workflows.
Gentle extraction of viable cells for tissue engineering applications.
Simplified pathogen removal from blood products and biological therapeutics.

Device Material



Upon Request: Autoclave & Gamma Irradiation

Size Purification

Variable on different modes based on each studies.

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