Smart MC’s latest review article, “Scaling up stem cell production: harnessing the potential of microfluidic devices,” published in the prestigious ‘Biotechnology Advances‘ journal, offers an informative and detailed examination of the role of microfluidic devices in stem cell manufacturing. This comprehensive review addresses the critical challenges currently faced in the stem cell industry, such as high equipment costs, complex operations, and issues with product quality and yield.

The article emphasizes the unique capabilities of stem cells, particularly their self-renewal and differentiation properties, which are pivotal in regenerative medicine and the cultivated meat industry. Despite the increasing demand, stem cell production has been hindered by several operational and quality control challenges.

Smart MC’s review article sheds light on how microfluidic technology can be a game-changer in this field. Microfluidics, known for its precision in manipulating liquids and cells within microchannels, offers several industrial-scale benefits. These include low setup costs, ease of operation, reduced energy consumption, and labor-free processes.

The review thoroughly explores the application of microfluidic technologies in stem cell research, detailing their potential in enhancing cell harvesting, facilitating cryopreservation, improving microcarrier production, and conducting efficient cell separation, purification, and formulation post-culture. This article serves as a valuable resource for researchers and industry professionals looking to overcome current limitations in stem cell production.

Read More: 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2023.108271