Pathogen Purification

Smart MCs harnesses the precision of inertial microfluidics to offer cost-effective, high-throughput, and shear-free purification of biological samples. Our tools excel in separating micron-sized particles by size, overcoming common obstacles like debris contamination and the presence of unwanted cells or parasites from human and animal samples.

  • High Throughput Purification of Biological Samples

  • Shear Free Operation Preserving Cell/Pathogen Viability and Functionality

  • Low Cost & Rapid Process




In the dynamic field of biological research, inertial microfluidics has emerged as a groundbreaking technique for the size-based separation of micron-sized particles. At Smart MCs, we specialize in leveraging this technology to address one of the most persistent challenges in the study of parasites from biological samples: the removal of debris, unwanted cells, and other parasitic subpopulations, particularly from samples of human or animal origin. Traditional methods such as filtration, flow cytometry, and magnetic activated cell sorting, despite their usefulness, often fall short due to their high costs, complexity, and limitations in throughput.

Smart MCs is at the forefront of simplifying this complex process. Our inertial microfluidic tools are designed for ease of use, requiring no special expertise or equipment, thus democratizing access to advanced sample purification techniques. Whether it’s differentiating between bacteria of varying sizes or clearing a sample of background mammalian cells, our solutions facilitate a seamless and efficient workflow. Our commitment extends to serving a diverse array of applications, ensuring researchers and clinicians can purify and analyze biological samples with unprecedented ease and speed. If your work involves particle, cell, or pathogen separation, Smart MCs invites you to explore our solutions that promise to revolutionize your research and diagnostic endeavors.


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Parasite isolation from clinical samples for diagnostic and research purposes.
Purification of bacterial cultures by size differentiation.
Removal of debris and larger particles from biological fluids.
High-throughput cell sorting in immunology and cancer research.
Separation of specific cell subpopulations from mixed cellular samples.
Processing environmental samples for microorganism analysis.
Enrichment of rare cells from blood or tissue samples for genomics and proteomics.
Streamlined sample prep for next-generation sequencing workflows.
Gentle extraction of viable cells for tissue engineering applications.
Simplified pathogen removal from blood products and biological therapeutics.

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Upon Request: Autoclave & Gamma Irradiation

Size Purification

Variable on different modes based on each studies.

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