The United States is accountable for 60% of the worldwide investment in lab-grown meat

A recent report has assessed the investment rankings of different countries in the advancement of lab-grown meat. The report by GovGrant suggests that lab-grown meat is expected to make up approximately 25% of all meat consumption by 2035, following the approval of cultured meat by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Lab-grown meat is created by replicating animal cells in a laboratory, offering a more sustainable and animal-friendly alternative for consumers who enjoy meat.
The US takes the lead in global investment, responsible for over 62% of the total investment raised, amounting to £1,360.24 million for research. Israel comes second, with nine companies and £474.59 million raised, while the Netherlands ranks third in terms of investment with two companies and £123.92 million raised for research.This accounts for 21.72 percent of the global investment.

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