A UK-based company has produced what they claim to be the first-ever cultivated steak fillet made using pork cells.


A UK-based company called 3D Bio-Tissues has produced what they claim to be the world’s first cultivated steak fillet made entirely from pork cells. The fillet reportedly measures nine cm in width, four cm in length, and one cm in height, and replicates the texture and flavour of traditional pork meat. Produced using a serum-free and animal-free cell booster called City-mixTM, the company claims that the fillet is 100% meat, making it a significant scientific breakthrough with positive implications for the cultivated meat industry. The company is planning to produce a full-scale fillet of cultivated pork to be presented, cooked, and eaten at a public event in the coming months.

3DBT has developed a process for creating cultivated pork fillet using pig cells. The cells are extracted and placed in a cell-culture environment where they grow and divide. 3DBT’s proprietary structured meat technology, combined with their patented City-mixTM cell booster, is used to cultivate the cells into structured meat.

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